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LP Apparel Scarf - Unique

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LP Apparel Scarf - Unique

This infinity scarf is better than perfect for baby! The fabric is malleable, so easy to put on and very comfortable. You will love it! It will become your must-have.

  • Exclusive L&P design.
  • For a unique look!
  • Our scarf is double lined for a higher quality. 
  • Very soft and expandable cotton. 
  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Newborn  to 5T  (ideal until 3 years of age)  (30cm x 23cm) (46 cm circumference).
  • Junior  (31cm x 25cm) (52 cm circumference).
  • Adult  (38cm x 32cm) (66cm circumference).
  • Model: Unique.
  • L&P exclusive.

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