FAQ - Tried and True

1.  Why aren't my items reviewed right away so I can get my offer to purchase when I drop them off?

We value your items the same way you do.  In order to give you a fair and accurate offer to purchase we have our most experienced staff who are extremely knowledgeable in the brands we accept reviewing your items.  Since they are not available all the time, we feel it's fair to give them a 1-3 day time frame to review your items. Once our Tried and True store is open, we are hoping to be able to go through your items on the spot!

2.  Why is the offer to purchase for all of my items or none of my items, why don't you just give back the ones that you don't want?

We know it's probably not a concept you've heard of but we know your time as a parent is limited and we want to make the process as simple as possible for you.  If you're anything like me, when you're ready to drop off items that you no longer have a use for you don't want them back.  For this reason, our offer to purchase is for everything! In other words, we will pay you for every item you drop off and will make use out of all of the items you bring us. The only time you'd have to pick anything up is if you decline our offer to purchase.  

The value you receive for your items will depend on the brand and condition of the item,  Some items will be valued much higher than others based on their original retail price. 

3. What if I purchase items online from you and they have damage you didn't notice or mention?

We really hope this doesn't happen! We try our best to notice any issues with anything we receive however sometimes things slip through the cracks.  If you notice something that we did not disclose, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can help you out.  

4. Why don't I see all of the items I sold you online?

We would love to be able to upload everything to our website.  Due to the volume of items we receive it's just not possible.  We try to post in-season items, or items that we think might sell the best right away, and the rest we get ready to put in our store! 

5. Will I get a breakdown of how much I'm getting back?

We do not give you a breakdown as the offer is for all of your items. 

6.  Why are the colours of the items I purchased online a little bit different in person?

We do the best we can, but we are using our phones and not a professional camera so there might be slight variances in colours!

7.  Do I need to book an appointment to drop off my items?

At this time, we don't require you to book an appointment but we strongly recommend it so that there is no delay in sending you an offer to purchase or to make sure we are not full and can still accept items. 

8.  What Brands do you accept?

We recommend bringing a bag or box that you don't wish to get back in the event that you accept our offer to purchase. 

  • We do not accept the following brands:  Joe Fresh, UNIQLO, Gymboree, Rococco, Osh Kosh, Pekkle, Carter’s, Circo, Child of Mine, First Impressions, Old Navy, Children's Place, George, Arizona, Nevada, Cherokee, Kirkland, Gerber. 
  • Due to space limitations, we are not accepting any baby gear right now. (Cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, swings)

Preferred brands (not limited to):  Souris Mini, Deux Par Deux, Headster, Little & Lively, LP Apparel, ZARA, H&M, sketchers, Jan and Jul, Stonz, Calikids, Nano, North Face, Therm, Bogs, Native, Hatley, Ruffle Butts. 


9.  How will I receive my offer to purchase?

After we've reviewed your items you will receive and offer to purchase via e-mail (please check your junk mail) and/or via text.  If you don't respond within 5 days your offer will expire and you'll be required to come pick up your items. 

10.  Do I have to come back to the store to get my cash or gift card?

No!  We know your time is valuable, if you select the cash option we will send your money via e-transfer or paypal.  If you select the gift card option it will be sent to you via e-mail as an e-gift card. 

11. Does the gift card expire?

Your gift card never expires.  You can also use it in our retail stores, online and our Tried and True store once it opens.