Information Page

Introducing Tried and True by Trendy Tots - Our previously loved section. 

** We are not selling pre-loved items in any of our stores.  Pre-loved items are only available to purchase online **

How our clothing Intake program works: 

At this time, we are only accepting drop offs at our Outlet Collection location. While appointments aren't required, they are recommended to ensure we have available space to take your items. You can book an appointment on our website here

Please Note: Although you will be required to select a day you'd like to drop off your items, you're welcome to do so anytime within mall hours that day. 

You may also cancel or change your booking at any time. 

Mall hours can be found here:  Home | Outlet Collection Winnipeg

Once your items are dropped off you’ll receive and sign an intake form. 

  • Clothing should be washed prior to being dropped off. (No underwear or socks please) 
  • Toys should not be broken and should have all their pieces. 
  • Books should have all their pages and be in good condition. 

Why is tried and true so great? 

We will accept all toys, books and clothing you drop off.  That's right!.... You will not be required to come back to pick up any items unless you decline our offer to purchase. We will pay you for every item you drop off. The value you receive for each item will depend on the brand and condition of the item. 

We recommend bringing a bag or box that you don't wish to get back in the event that you accept our offer to purchase. 

  • We prefer to not accept the following brands:  Joe Fresh, UNIQLO, Gymboree, Rococco, Osh Kosh, Pekkle, Carter’s, Circo, Child of Mine, First Impressions, Old Navy, Children's Place, George, Arizona, Nevada, Cherokee, Kirkland, Gerber. 
  • Due to space limitations, we are not accepting any baby gear right now. (Cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, swings)

Preferred brands (not limited to):  Souris Mini, Deux Par Deux, Headster, Little & Lively, LP Apparel, ZARA, H&M, sketchers, Jan and Jul, Stonz, Calikids, Nano, North Face, Therm, Bogs, Native, Hatley, Ruffle Butts, Mebie Baby, Stonz, Calikids. 

Here’s the best part - How do you get paid!?

Once we’ve received your items we will send you an email or text message within 1-3 days with an offer to purchase. 


Your offer to purchase will not be itemized. 

Your offer will have three options to choose from: 

  1. Cash offer (paid via e-transfer)
  2. Trendy Tots Gift Card (sent via e-Mail)
  3. Thank you for your time, but I'd like to pick up my items instead. 

Please Note: Our offer to purchase is for the value of your items in order for us to be able to re-sell them. We also take into account the time and effort that goes into pricing it and adding it onto our website.  Please don't be upset if we can't offer you as much as you would like, our intention is not to hurt your feelings!

Should you decline our offer to purchase, you’ll be required to pick up your items within 7 business days.  Alternatively, we can courier your items back to you for a fee of $8-$12. We will follow up with you to see which option you prefer.  

If you accept our offer to purchase we will send your payment via your chosen payment method within 1-3 days.

Thanks so much for thinking of us!